The purpose of this project was to design a flat pack kids stool for ages 5 and above, with the aim of infusing playfulness into an everyday object. By considering aspects such as safety, simplicity, interactivity, educational value, durability, customization, clear instructions, and materials sustainability, you can create a flat pack kids stool that not only serves its functional purpose but also encourages learning, creativity, and a sense of achievement in young minds. The goal of this design is to give children the materials and information necessary to assemble their own stool through play, fostering a sense of accomplishment and pride in their abilities.

To enhance the playful experience, the design incorporates attachments in the shape of animal ears, enabling users to unleash their creativity and build their own unique characters. By incorporating these whimsical elements, the design encourages imaginative play and personalization.


The connection points and the bottom of the seat are color coded to suggest where the pieces should be placed.